Interview with Ely Chaim!

A relatively new man in porn, with a professionalism and a great attitude towards sex, it is an honor to interview ELY CHAIM:

Un hombre relativamente nuevo en el porno, con un profesionalismo y una gran actitud para el sexo, es un honor entrevistar a ELY CHAIM:
1.- It was difficult to decide for yourself acting in porn?
     Yes and no. Yes because i am a shy person in general and coming from lebanon, which has a different value norm to the west even though it can be open minded but being gay can be an issue on its own there for most people, let alone doing porn and gay porn so i was thinking about my family..
No because i always felt it's in me..so when i was ready.. i went for it.. and i enjoy it.

1.- ¿Fue difícil decidirte a actuar en el porno?
      Si y no. Sí, porque soy una persona tímida en general y vengo de Líbano, que tiene una norma de valor diferente al oeste, aunque puede ser de mente abierta, pero ser gay puede ser un problema por sí solo para la mayoría de la gente…

Interview with Felipe Beltran!

On this occasion we are pleased to present a model and Mexican stylist, very handsome and sexy, he is FELIPE BELTRAN:

En esta ocasión nos complacemos en presentar a un modelo y estilista mexicano, muy guapo y sexy, el es FELIPE BELTRAN:
1.- How did you decide to enter the world of modeling?
      It was chance, at 19 I was obese and never imagined that I would have the opportunity to take advantage of my image as a means of work, however, I began to worry about myself and everything changed, one thing led me to the other.

1.- Cómo decidiste incursionar en el mundo del modelaje?
      Fue casualidad, a los 19 años yo estaba obeso y nunca imagine que tendría la oportunidad de aprovechar mi imagen como medio de trabajo, sin embargo , comencé a preocuparme por mi y  todo cambió, una cosa me llevo a la otra.

2.- Are you aware of how many followers you have for your physique?
      Of course!! I am aware that 70 percent of the people who follow me first are attracted to the physicist, howev…

Interview with Wolf Rayet

At the end of last year we met with a new face and a fiery attitude, we hope this is the year in which he exploits his talent to the fullest WOLF RAYET:

A finales del año pasado nos encontramos con un rostro nuevo y una actitud ardiente, esperamos que este sea el año en que explote al máximo su talento WOLF RAYET:
1.- It was difficult to decide for yourself acting in porn?
     Not at all. I've always been interested in porn and the idea to start this kind of "career" has been in my mind for a while. I remember that I considered what my stage name would be and created a Twitter profile even before moving my first steps in the adult industry. So I think I was unconsciously sure that sooner or later I would have started.

1.- ¿Fue difícil para ti decidir actuar en el porno?
      De ningún modo. Siempre he estado interesado en el porno y la idea de comenzar este tipo de "carrera" ha estado en mi mente por un tiempo. Recuerdo que consideré cuál sería mi nombre artí…